Armando Galarraga

put it in the record books as a 28-out perfect game. 

that’s the only way to properly immortalize this 





  1. lionsfan420

    I for one am boycottting the game of baseball until they get their stuff right.
    If I would have made a call like that in any profession sports or not, would have been fired! They make alot of money at their profession and I pay alot of money to go and see a ballgame, then I feel like I got ripped off if I would have went to that game! All I have to say is this is ********! Later MLB until you get your **** right.

  2. lotus65

    see your point, friend. but it is a human game (including the mistakes) so i’ll hang back a bit from you on it for now.

    i do think they’d “get it right” by implementing a quick and effective replay scheme. so maybe that’ll give people a good reason to continue (or return) to consuming the product they’re selling.


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